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Experienced Los Angeles Probate Attorneys

The Los Angeles probate law firm of Mansell & Mansell APC has been helping families who have lost loved ones for over 20 years. Probate Attorney Cheryl Mansell leads the firm’s probate section, bringing decades of experience in California probate matters to the table. She has helped innumerable clients settle the affairs of family members with her expertise in the area of California probate law, handling tens of millions of dollars worth of estates over her long career. Ms. Mansell offers top-notch probate representation, assisted by seasoned Los Angeles litigator Robert Mansell and their attentive, diligent staff.

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Probate matters are complex and must be handled by an experienced attorney. The team at Mansell & Mansell APC is available to help clients efficiently work through all legal aspects of their probate cases in a timely fashion, while providing the highest level of professional service during challenging personal circumstances.

It is this commitment to the following that sets Mansell & Mansell APC apart:

  • Legal excellence
  • Personal service
  • Professional representation

Your case will be handled directly by experienced probate attorney Cheryl Mansell and her dedicated staff. Ms. Mansell’s wealth of experience in probate matters is invaluable to clients who come in with a wide range of different probate issues. Clients of Mansell & Mansell APC can be assured that their probate attorney will carefully listen to all of their concerns and then weigh in with the full range of options available to them.

Efficient Representation Through Probate Matters

The firm will quickly manage the probate proceedings, and Mansell & Mansell APC will make all necessary court appearances on your behalf, often without you needing to be present. Cheryl Mansell and her staff will keep you up-to-date on all aspects and activities in your case and work hard to expeditiously resolve your probate case.

In order to move forward with your probate matter, it is essential to begin the proceedings in a timely manner. To learn where to begin, s chedule a free probate or conservatorship assessment with an experienced probate attorney at Mansell & Mansell APC today.

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